On April 26th, 2020, Mikayla's new "meme-umentary" A  Bing Bing on the Wind premiered at TheatreUNI's Digital Performance Festival.

The Theatre UNI Digital Performance Festival was Theatre UNI's response to the closure of campus due to COVID-19. The Theatre UNI Directing Class planned to direct and present and evening of 10 Minute Plays, but was forced to cancel the event. In its place, each student was tasked with directing a 3-5 minute digital presentation on any subjects of their choosing.


Video Description: How would you feel if, in your time of need, your greatest hero vanished into thin air? “A Bing Bing on the Wind” is an introspective look at the life, work, and disappearance of the world’s most cherished hero in a time when we needed him most.


Featuring: Mikayla Wahl, Hannah Twitchell, Rebecca Scherer, Sam Sweere, Angelica Fink, Savanna Burkle, Daulton Rokes, Noah Hynick, Ethan Glenn, Marcus Buttweiler, Alex Overturf, Allie Klinsky, David Wahl, Dawn Wahl, and narrated by J’Kalein Madison

Click below to listen to exclusive music created for A Bing Bing On the Wind!